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    Photographer, Bruno Fournier
    Assistanship, Elodie Carlos,
    Stylist, Aurore Donguy
    Models, Andja Lorein & Celine Germain
    Hair, Kevin Jacotot
    MUA, Adelie Balez,
    Video, Nikon, Incarnatio. Drone


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    Want to see andja

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    Stella Cordes, better known as anakedgirl, is a nudist enthusiast, nude model and photographer, who was born in The Netherlands and began her journey as a naked traveler in Australia after being deeply influenced by the instagram account @getnakedaustralia which, features many people who pose naked in the vast and beautiful landscapes of the country. Stella saw this as an inspiration as well as she saw it on many other accounts on the same social network that are related with the topic of nudism or nudity.
    Wow ♥